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Prince Edward Theatre London

Lisa asks…

How do you become a university professor?

I want to teach, and I always have. I was thinking of teaching high school drama, history or english. But I also know that you don’t get paid that much. Even though it’s not all about money, it is important to me. So I was just wondering how much a theater, history, or english professor would get paid approximently in Ontario? Also how would you become one and how long does it take? Thanks

TheatrePlayers answers:

These appear to be the hourly wages of professors with low , middle, high levels of hourly wages, and education at several locations and provinces, at a number of Canadian universities. Good luck.
Living in Canada

Low/ Middle/ High/ Year

Wage/ Wage/ per hr./ per hr./ per hr./

Calgary / Banff / Drumheller – Alberta 29.26/50.92/ 2007
Edmonton and Area – Alberta25.00/37.13/112.14/ 2009

Vancouver / Lower Mainland Southwest –

British Columbia/ 17.32/31.19/59.68/ 2006/7
Winnipeg – Manitoba/ 32.73/ / 2009
Fredericton – New Brunswick/ 7.00/41.45/71.67/ 2008
Halifax – Nova Scotia/ .00/44.20/57.00/ 2009
Toronto – Ontario/ 16.35/35.85/80.00/ 2006
Ottawa – Ontario/ 18.10/36.70/67.00/ 2007
Windsor-Essex County – Ontario/ 19.00/ 35.60/65.95/ 2007
London / Woodstock Area – Ontario/ 16.31/33.97/70.00/ 2007
Prince Edward Island/ 21.65/36.50/ 61.70/ 2009
Montreal – Quebec/ 15.84/22.62/ 31.07/ 2007
Saskatoon Area – Saskatchewan/31.80/42.90/60.10/ 2009

Daniel asks…

London Underground, are there stairs going down at Waterloo/Northern Line and Leicester Sq underground?

I have a phobia of escalators, but need to use the tube, I am trying to get to the Prince Edward Theatre, which means I am required to use the tube from Waterloo using the Northern Line on the way there, are there any stationary stairs or lifts going down? Also on the way home I will need to catch the tube at Leicester Sq tube station, does this one have stairs or a lift also?
I would actually like to go on the tube, I just can’t go down, but can go up.

TheatrePlayers answers:

Check this:

Donald asks…

CHESS Musical- Does Anyone have a copy of the london 1986 or 1988 prince edward theater performances?

Hi all chess fans, i am searching relentlessly for audio or something for the 1986 stage version of Chess with the original album cast, murray head on it, and or the 1988 or 1989 version with his brother Anthony Head singing his part. it would be amazing if i could find either! can anyone please help? does anyone have it or know where to find it? i know its not available on cd anywhere (as far as i know) but idk about record or anything? Please Help :] Thank you very much

TheatrePlayers answers:


A great website to locate old/rare/out-of-print music is I ran a search and found several sources (from the Netherlands and Germany) that had CDs/LP of the performance:

Hope this helps!!!

Carol asks…

Where was the 1st anne of green gables musical played?

when was it, who acted in it, was it a tour? if it was a tour, where did it go? how long did it last?

TheatrePlayers answers:

I found this on wikipedia, which isn’t always 100 percent but it’s a start.
The musical has also toured outside of Prince Edward Island. Its first tour opened on April 16, 1969, at the New Theatre, London, starring Polly James as Anne. It played off-Broadway in New York from December 21, 1971 to January 2, 1972 at the City Center Theatre. During the 1980s and 1990s the musical was produced in Japan by Gekidan Shiki, as well as cities across North America, including performances at the Shubert Theatre in New Haven, Connecticut, from October 4 to 9, 2005, with Jennifer Toulmin as Anne. The original Charlottetown Festival production is traveling to Toronto to play the Elgin Theatre May 7 to 31, 2009 as the second show in Dancap Productions family-friendly 2009 season.

Chris asks…

What to visit in: Canada,England and USA?

This summer I’m going:
4 weeks in England: 2weeks in Manchester , 2 in London.
Then 2 week in USA: Brooklyn
2 weeks in Canada: Montreal and Toronto

What can I visit? I’m 15 so I’m not really interested in museums,and since I live in Italy IDK much about history of these places,so would love to visit some historic areas.
And what do you suggest about shopping?


TheatrePlayers answers:

Alhambra Palace in Granada
Toledo in Madrid
Spanish Costas
La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
Salvador Dalí Theatre Museum in Costa Brava
Prado Museum in Madrid
The Cathedral of Seville & La Giralda in Seville
Picos de Europa, Parque Nacional in Costa Verde
La Mezquita in Cordoba
Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

UK :
1. Howick Hall Gardens and the Moonlight Walk.
Wild and uncommercialised Northumberland garden
2. St Peter Ad Muram, Bradwell, Essex
The Saxon chapel of St Peter’s at Bradwell stands on an area of outstanding natural beauty in a remote corner of Essex
3. St Donats Castle, Glamorgan.
Charming 13th century castle with gargoyles, crenellations and turrets
4. Stonehenge, Cornwall
Not the original monument, but a quirky replica built in the back garden of Ed Prynn’s bungalow in Tresallyn Cross, a mile from St Merryn.
5. The Shell Grotto, Margate
2,000 square feet of underground maze lined with 4.6 million shells evoking Indian fertility symbols and Cretan Corn Goddesses.
6. Crosby Beach, Lancashire
The site of Another Place, Antony Gormley’s collection of 100 life-sized steel men dotted along the beach.
7. Dungeness, Kent
A beautiful beach made up from one of the largest shingle formations in the world.
8. Muncaster, Cumbria
Muncaster’s fully fortified 12th century castle shares its 77 acres of 18th century gardens with 200 resident owls.
9. Aldeburgh beach, Suffolk
Site of Maggi Hambling’s striking sculpture – a four-metre high steel sculpture of two interlocking scallop shells – commemorating Benjamin Britten.
10. Holy Island of Arran
Unlikely venue of white Buddhist domed temple

Yellowstone National Park, Wyo.
French Quarter, New Orleans, La.
Highway 1, California
Times Square, New York City
Grand Canyon, Ariz.
Taos Pueblo, N.M.
South Beach, Miami, Fla.
Gettysburg National Military Park, Gettysburg, Pa.
Pearl Harbor, O’ahu, Hawaii
National Mall, Washington, D.C.

Prince Edward Island
Ottawa, Ontario
Kelowna, British Columbia
Churchill, Manitoba
Vancouver, British Columbia
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Quebec City, Quebec
Montreal, Quebec
Banff, Alberta
Lake Louise, Alberta

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